Small mouth - small flies!

The small dipterae - Simulium sp. - has always been a problem - they are tiny and shows up in fantastic numbers. Why should a trout prefer our imitations when there are som many all over the water?
An old friend of mine - the late Johannes Vangsgaard - created an imitation, He copied two flies in the act of sex on the same hook.
Hook Size 14 - 16.
Tying silk Black.
Rear- & Front-hackles Black cock - the one at the bend with shorter fibres than the one at the front.
Body Black silk, black herl or black quill.

After tying the front-hackle down behind the neck of the hook, one winds to the bend, tie the rear-hackle down and turns it. To tie the body materail down - should it not be the tying silk - can be a problem, if one has thick, clumsy fingers; but in the drawing I have shown, how to do it very easily.

The body is formed and the longer front-hackle turned and the fly finished in the usual way.


Preben Torp Jacobsen. 'Flyleaves', 1996.