Many of us have had the problem making a loop at the end of a fly line, backing or running line. We have tried different tactics; but most of them very cumbersome.

A few years ago I spend a week in the farthest north of Norway at the Little Råsta river together with one of the most defted young Norwegian fly fishers with the Swedish sounding name Staffan Lindstrøm. He showed how to do it in a very simple and effective way. I will try to explain it in drawings:

He makes a loop on the line and seizes it with both hands where he wants the windings placed. Keeping the nails of the thumbs pressed against the loop makes it possible to place the windings exact where you want them. With one of the hands he also seizes the thread from a bobbin-holder (where the bobbin sits tight and not running too easy), and then he swings the bobbin-holder around and around and the thread will glide down the thumbnails. Moving both thumbs to one side or the other makes it possible to wind the two ends of the line together exactly..