Torp’s North Country Fly.

Hook                       #14

Tying thread            Georgio Benecchi - light olive.

Hackle                     Grey Partridge dyed in picric acid.

Body                        Orange-red Lure Flash twisted around the tying thread - waxed with very tacky wax ,  and  dubbed with a blend of Yellow SLF and Poul Jorgensen Highlander SLF in equal parts.

To use a thread with ‘metallic’ flash is inspired by an article in the magazine "Tout and Salmon" in the 1950th by Frank Sawyer. He gave his pattern for an imitation of the ‘Summer Spurwing’ – Centroptilum pennulatum, in which he used a special tying thread, ‘gold covered orange thread’. For many years I speculated over this material until I got the idea to wrap ‘Lure Flash’ around a thread and then give it a very fine application of soft, tacky wax and then dub the wool unto the ‘thread’ in a way described by the American Wayne LuAllen:
Take a pinch of the dubbing between the jaws of a pair of tweezers and touch the ‘thread’- held tight – with the dubbing without any contact between tweezers and thread! By this one can get a very fine application of the dubbing, so that even after it’s twisted the colour of the thread can be seen.
I always twist the material ‘anti-clockwise’ around the thread; but during a fly tying session at the annual Fly Fishing Days in Elverum/Norway I became aware, that what I call anti-clockwise an American calls clockwise. Why? The drawings underneath I do hope makes it clear..